The House Recordings

by Amber Lamps

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released April 6, 2016

Lyrics: Brian Greene
Music: Amber Lamps
Producer: Marc Bauman
Engineer: Marc Bauman
Recorded at: House Recording Studios
Guitar/Vocals: Brian Greene



all rights reserved


Amber Lamps New York, New York

Astoria-based three-piece punk rock band Amber Lamps! Amber Lamps balance the seriousness of maturing with the fun of figuring it all out in their diverse, energetic debut album: Plaidypuss. Available now on BandCamp

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Track Name: Adrenaline (Acoustic Version)
I've been talking to myself
Wishing I was somewhere else
When I die I don't know when
I can't end I've just began

Feeling like I can't be here
Senses are no longer clear
I'll atone for all my sins
Feel the heat adrenaline

I've been talking to myself
Wishing I was someone else
Catastrophic mystery
Future insecurity

Feeling like I'll soon be gone
Feeling like I can't hold on
I atone for all my sins
Spare the heat adrenaline.

As my kingdom lays in shambles at my feet
Put my head into my hands admit defeat
Killing demons seems to be just killing time
Does the sentence fit the crime?


Feeling like my time has come
Knowing that my will is gone
I've atoned for all my sins
Face the heat adrenaline
Track Name: James (Acoustic Version)
I'm here, for now.
I'm near, I shout!

I'm hanging on a memory.
Be everything to everyone,
Look what I've done.

You never got your chance to
Tell me just what you left unsaid
Just in your head.

So many times you tried, too.
How can you say goodbye?
I heard every word.

As autumn fades to winter,
A new exit on the interstate,
Just call it fate.

Don't ever fear for me,
You were always here for me
when I needed a friend

When you are feeling lonely,
Be glad you got to know me.
It's clear; just look in the mirror

To everyone who loved me,
To all the friends I've left behind;
It was my time.

I'm not finished with you.
I cannot see you go alone.
Not coming home

How could you do this to me?
You left us lost and unprepared.
It isn't fair!

Always just remember
The warm beautiful December breeze.
I'll always be.

Someday you will recover.
I'm just waiting on the other side,
By and By.